Easy Lasagna Recipes

Lasagna is a dish of Italian origin that usually consists of alternate layers of pasta, cheese, and tomato sauce. Lasagnas are prepared and enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Creative home chefs have taken this wonderful dish and created a whole new collection of layered one-dish recipes that include layered vegetarian and seafood varieties and desserts.

The pasta noodles found in lasagna can be homemade or purchased from your local grocer. Lasagna noodles are long and wide in shape and usually require no cooking prior to use in your lasagna recipe. While the easiest lasagnas are made from mostly pre-prepared ingredients, some gourmet varieties require long ingredient and recipe preparation times.

EasyLasagnaRecipes.org offer a complete collection of traditional, vegetarian, seafood and dessert lasagna recipes. Bookmark this site, experiment and discover this wonderful one-dish entrée. Serve grand and delicious entrees and savor the leftovers in the days that follow.